Sudoku Solver

  Demo for   presentation on WCECS 2009  

Valid entries are digits 1÷9. Invalid entries will be ignored.


  • All computations are carried by your browser. Allow the script run up to the end (select "NO" in the dialogs asking whether or not to stop the script).
  • Type your puzzle in the above Enter table and click on button "Submit" to (re)submit it.
  • Click button "Solve" to just solve your puzzle or use the below controls to explore your puzzle and the algorithm.
  • When using the below controls, click the below buttons (repeatedly and in any order) and watch the results. Clicking of the buttons depletes Compatibility Matrix.
  • All computations are performed on the Compatibility Matrix. The zeros in the matrix show where the digits cannot be.
  • In the Uncertainty Matrix, try the features provided like highliting, dropdowns, etc.
  • In the case of many solutions, the demo computes out just one of them.
Compatibility matrix in curve coordinates
Deplete:  -combinations solution grids for each digit solution grids for 
 Transfer highlihgt between matrices   highlight